MHA 2020 would not be successful if it weren’t for our volunteers. They help support and run the conference by performing a number of different activities, from setting up, registering attendees and speakers, helping the speakers at their sessions, answering attendee questions, and supporting the organizing team, to mention just a few. 

Volunteering at MHA 2020 provides an opportunity to meet and network with leading agile practitioners. It also provides the opportunity to participate in the 2-day conference while supporting those who will speak, attend or organize.  

Thank you so much for offering your time to make the Mile High Agile conference a great experience for all who attend.

Benefits of volunteering

  • Complimentary registration for the 2-day conference program
  • Complimentary access to breakfast, lunches and coffee/snacks
  • Complimentary access to the MHA 2020 conference evening social event to be held at The View House on May 18th
  • Complimentary volunteer t-shirt
  • Opportunity to meet and network with like-minded agile professionals
  • Opportunity to attend some of the sessions/workshops during the 2 volunteer days at the conference

Volunteer responsibilities

  • Able to volunteer the full 2 days (May 18th and 19th). This is a requirement.
  • Able to attend the orientation training dinner one week before the conference. This is a required meeting in order to volunteer.
  • Able to volunteer approximately 12 hours. This time will include:
    • Pre-conference meetings (potentially 1 or 2 virtual)
    • Time needed to set up and be active on Slack
    • The orientation training dinner
    • Conference Day assignments
  • Willing to do any of these jobs if/as needed. We will ask for your preferences and do our best to accommodate your interests but all jobs need to be filled to make this a successful experience for all attendees.
    • Conference Setup Duties – Early morning setup of information table, supplies, TVs, etc.
    • Registration Duties – Setting up the registration desk, registering attendees and providing information to attendees as needed
    • Speaker Support – Providing support and technical assistance to speakers during their sessions
    • Attendee Support – Providing directions to session rooms or other information to speakers and conference attendees
    • Conference tear down – Packing up the tv, equipment, supplies and taking inventory. We are not responsible for the tear down of the sponsor booths, etc.

Volunteer Application Process

We will reach out to the list of volunteers by March 17, 2020. We will also create a waitlist and notify those who are on the waitlist.

Volunteer Lead:


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Marie.