Mile High Agile Conference Alternatives

New Speaker Workshop Series September 21 – Nov 2, 2021

Do you want to be a speaker or are currently a relatively inexperienced speaker who wants to accelerate your speaker journey?  We can help!

Agile Denver is hosting a new speaker workshop series designed for the new or inexperienced speakers who know they could be a great speaker but need some training to get there.

Workshop Details:

We are excited to have 5 distinguished facilitators who will lead the workshops. This series includes 6 workshops that build on each other. The last workshop provides attendees with the opportunity to present to the facilitators and get personal feedback to help you on your speaker journey! Each workshop will focus on one area and each attendee will have work to do before the next workshop. Attendees will have 2 weeks to prepare their short presentation.

Cost of this workshop series:   $100.00 USD

$100 for all six workshops in the series! And we are proud to serve our community by donating 75% of this cost to the Girls Inc. Denver.

Number of Attendees: 

These workshops will be working, interactive events. To provide the best personal experience, the maximum number of attendees will be 20 attendees so grab your spot today!

Workshop Schedule:    The first 5 workshops will start at 5:30p or 6pm MT and last approximately 90 minutes or less. The final presentation session will last a bit longer for everyone to present.

Workshop 1 – Finding the Right Topic for your Session

Sep 21, 2021 6pm MT Facilitator: Richard Lawrence

Workshop 2 – Abstract Submissions: 7 Tips to Create a Great Proposal the Conference Will Accept

Sep 28, 2021 6pm MT Facilitator: Johanna Rothman

Workshop 3 – Structuring messages so your audience will listen

Oct 5, 2021  6pm MT   Facilitator: William Kammersell

Workshop 4 – Five Foundational Keys to Help Wrap Your Arms Around the Audience

Oct 12, 2021  5:30pm MT   Facilitator: Robb Holman

Workshop 5 – Presentation Materials: Amplifying or Distracting from your Message?

Oct 19, 2021  6pm MT   Facilitator: Tricia Broderick

Workshop 6 – Final Presentations

Nov 2, 2021  5:30pm MT   Facilitator: All

This workshop series is for you if you are:

  • A new speaker or a speaker with a little experience but not a seasoned speaker
  • A person who can commit to attending all 6 workshops
  • Excited about the opportunity to improve your speaking skill
  • Looking for help to feel more confident in taking some great steps forward in your speaker journey

How to apply:

Submit your application for the workshop below. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes. We will be selecting 20 applicants in a random lottery style with preference to our very own Colorado community so you have a chance no matter how early or late you apply!

Deadline:  Your application must be submitted first. If you are selected, you will be sent a payment link.