Attending Mile High Agile is an investment in skill building, professional development, and working relationships.

But a lot of attendees don’t buy their own tickets—most need to convince someone else (their boss) of the value. So we’ve developed materials to help you demonstrate to your employer just how valuable it would be to attend Mile High Agile. We’ve kept the materials brief to make it easy for you; a program summary, a highlight of the value, and a letter (email) to your employer.

The Front Range is home to some of the Agile Community’s top thought leaders, as well as some of the most successful agile companies – large and small.  They all gather each year for the hometown conference that’s been expanding to attract top speakers and leaders from around the country.

You will learn from the best about the latest agile techniques and practices, to help your team and org leverage modern ways of working to build better products, better software, and better businesses. The conference is also a great opportunity for business, networking, contributing and learning.

Download this PDF to help make your case today.

Why Attend Mile High Agile

Join THE Front Range Agile event of the year. Learn from the region’s and the nation’s leading experts; learn how to better collaborate, leverage iterative and incremental development, and relentlessly improve. Make a bigger impact by better leveraging modern ways of working to build better products.

Gain learning, connections, and inspiration in two powerful days at an affordable cost.

  • Learn the latest agile techniques, to help your team and org leverage modern ways of working to build better products, better software, and better businesses.
  • Learn the latest practices to build a better org–that collaborates, learns, improves, and rocks.
  • Build a stronger network in the community
  • Collaborate and share your knowledge with others
  • Find your spot in the program; there’s something for everyone!
  • Get specific advice from the experienced agilists in the Coaches Corner.

Mile High Agile 2019 has a track to serve you:

  • Be Fierce … standing on the edge
    This track is dedicated to leading thought in the industry. Sessions focus on emerging or experimental ideas that are starting to get traction in the industry. These sessions are intended to challenge attendees to think differently about what they know.
  • Be Fierce … learning something new
    Agilists know the power of helping teams learn by doing, so this workshop track is intended to take that concept and apply it to the Agile practitioner.
  • Be Fierce … managing your career
    For those of you new to Agile, or looking for the next step in your career, this track aims to help you! Attendees of talks in this track will leave with a better understanding of the industry as a whole, of what makes sense in their fields, while identifying what career steps they should be taking.
  • Be Fierce … envisioning your product
    This track is for attendees who are interested in learning more about product ownership or management and is intended on focusing on how to inspire with product vision, while also being practical about getting the work done.
  • Be Fierce … stepping into Agile
    This track is intended on providing solid content that will help launch new practitioners (and those of us who have been around for a while and are looking for fresh perspectives) into success.
  • Be Fierce … building your technical chops
    Many new agilists lack confidence in the technical underpinnings of teams. Does this mean they can’t understand the concerns and challenges technical teams face daily? This track is to help build that bridge–to educate non-techies so they can become better allies for development teams.

You Get Your Money’s Worth

  • 48 Sessions: Choose from many sessions taught by Agile thought leaders and experts. Learn how to leverage Agile principles and practices to build better products, manage risk, and learn through rapid feedback cycles.
  • 16 Hands-on Workshops: As usual, the Mile High Agile program features many sessions which are hands-on workshops, in both 2 hour and 3 hour formats. Roll up your sleeves and learn by doing. This year, we also have a workshop by our keynote Charles Vogl on building community in your organization.
  • 2 Keynotes: Executive Consultant Charles Vogl presents on “Creating a Culture of Belonging: Principles for Every Leader”. Learn how to cultivate a culture in which people share passions and achieve big things.  In MHA’s closing keynote, agilist Em Campbell-Pretty presents “What do you do when you have everything to lose? Be Fierce!” Attend this keynote to explore how Fierce leaders can survive and thrive by letting go of everything they think they have to lose and taking a radical leap into the unknown – with or without a net!
  • Agile Community: Engage with more than 1,000 community members to get your agile questions answered, to find new team members and to tap into the passion of one of the richest agile communities. Meals, socials, and the “hallway track” create the time and space to connect.
  • Coaching Clinic: Bring your tough questions to a seasoned expert for some targeted coaching for you, your team, or your organization.
  • Sponsor Exhibit Hall: Meet the companies who make the tools of agile collaboration and transparency, who provide agilists to fill roles in your organization, and who offer training and certification.