2020 is our 10th Annual Conference!

We have so much in store for this year's event!

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Registration for 2020 Is Open!

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Get Involved

Join us in Agile Denver's slack (#milehighagile) to interact with the organizing team – provide feedback, talk to us about your ideas, and participate in the local community. This is especially helpful for folks coming in from out of town.


MHA2020 Theme: Transforming Us

When we talk about change, it's often easy to talk about what 'they' need to do. We're going to focus on ourselves and how each individual and team can take accountability. We'll look at how we can make shifts in culture, our viewpoints, and our individual practices to transform how we work and deliver.

Evolving the System

Big change doesn't have to start with a big bang. There's wisdom in understanding where you're at, starting with small changes, and paying attention to what the system encourages and discourages. An evolutionary approach can lead to long lasting change.

Human Needs of Teams

We inherently know that humans and culture matter immensely in any great effort. This track focuses on those aspects of agility that create and support healthy culture and individuals, evolving leadership styles, absorbing fast-paced change, autonomy and self-organization, inclusive facilitation, psychological safety, sustainable pace, and other related topics. Being part of a high-performing, healthy team can be one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have - this track aims to grow more of these teams!

Great Ideas to Great Outcomes

We'll learn how to use new practices and perspectives to advance our product management mindset from managing details to delivering value.

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